Yes. All of our Adirondack products are gluten-free. Yes, this even includes beverages that are sweetened and or colored.

Yes, our products are Kosher. Our bottling facility maintains Kosher certification and is under contract and inspected by the Orthodox Union to ensure strict Kosher standards are maintained. Look for the “U-Circle” symbol.

Natural flavors

Our cans do not contain any BPA. The coating in our cans is acrylic epoxy, which is water based.

All of our beverages are chlorine and fluoride free.

It is always recommended to chill a carbonated beverage prior to opening. Since CO-2 is infused into water at colder temperatures, if you open a warm bottle there will be a larger portion of the carbon dioxide in the headspace of the bottle or can. This means that upon opening it will be released sooner.  However, if the bottle or can is chilled prior to opening, a greater percentage of the carbon dioxide will be held in the liquid and less will be lost at initial opening. Also, keep a bottle tightly sealed and chilled after opening will also aid in maintaining the carbonation as long as possible.

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