Since over 86% of any soft drink is water, it's our most important ingredient. The Adirondack® Aquifer Well is our one source of water for soft drinks and seltzers and is certified by The New York State Department of Health. In fact, Adirondack is one of the few soft drinks you can buy that is not made with municipal water.

Our beverages are carefully formulated and bottled under the watchful eye of our Quality Assurance team. Tests are performed continuously throughout the production day on every aspect of production, from the raw materials, to equipment, to the finished product. We are also one of the few soft drink production facilities with an in-house microbiological laboratory.

We are committed to providing the highest quality beverages to our customers. And there have never been more sizes and products to choose from.


AQUIFER - An underground reservoir of water surrounded by porous rock, sand and gravel.