Since 2001, each Waist Watcher beverage has been sweetened with a unique blend of two sweeteners – sucralose and acesulfame potassium (aceK). Our Clear ‘n’ Natural Clear Diet Carbonated beverages are also sweetened with sucralose and aceK. Both these sweeteners are FDA-approved as artificial sweeteners. Consumers and taste panels have continued to tell us that these sweeteners in diet beverages result in a taste similar to non-diet sodas. These sweeteners are designed to enhance the flavor as well as extend the shelf-life of the product. Like other artificial sweeteners, both sucralose and aceK are safe for consumption by diabetes.

Adirondack Enhanced Fruit Flavored Waters and Clear ‘n’ Natural Fruit Flavored Waters are both sweetened with 100% sucralose. These beverages use a synergistic combination of very sweet natural fruit flavors and essences to give the consumers a distinctive taste experience.

For additional information regarding any of our sweeteners, please feel free to contact us.


SPRING WATER - Water derived from an underground formation which flows naturally to the surface.

AQUIFER - An underground reservoir of water surrounded by porous rock, sand and gravel.

WELL WATER - Water from a hole drilled into the ground which taps an aquifer.